Chic POP Street Market 8 @ Markets at Jaya One

2 more days to go! Have you picked out your outfit for the day? There'll be a styleshot contest organized by the good peeps at TiC, so make sure you're all dolled up this Saturday. Top 3 winners who got picked will win perfume from Kenzo, you know what to do. You can read more about what's in store here.

Alil heads up on our end: this time around, we'll be having a massive mid-year clearance sale at the market. Tops, bottoms and dresses at 50%-70% off! Only this Saturday, so please make time to come by our stall.

Oh! And do come early to get one of those SWAG bags they're giving away to earlybirds, cos you might just find yourself with a pair of tickets to Urbanscapes this year :)

See you there!

The importance of self expression..

and growing old in style. Something to ponder upon: Everybody gets old, it builds character :)

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

Goodbye old store, hellow new blogstore!

Our offline store has officially closed this month, with a heavy heart, we bode farewell to the place that has served as our base for the past 2 years. To those of you who made the effort to come visit, it was a pleasure for us to have you over, each and everyone of you. We hope to relocate to a better place, a more easily accessible one in the near future. Any news on the re-opening of our offline store will be announced here.

We regret not having taken many pics of the place in the past, but here's one that we could dig up:

However, on a brighter note, we have finally finished revamping the blogstore! As some of you probably noticed, we had temporarily migrated to our own website. Unfortunately, the move did not last very long as we soon found out that most of our regulars actually prefer browsing the blogstore.

We suppose many found the logging in as a member to purchase rather troublesome, so due to poor response, we promptly decided to shift back to the blogger platform. Of course this was after we made a few changes to the layout of the blogstore. With the new tweaks applied, we hope shopping with us will become more breezy than ever.

Our new look:

We will be posting up a mini tour to guide you through our store and online shopping in general soon. Reckon it will be helpful and reassuring for those who've been thinking about buying things online :)

Groovy Vintage

This month's EH! Magazine has a fashion spread on vintage fashion and we are proud to be one of the contributors along with a few other famous blogstores such as Vintage Socialites and Old Blossom Box. Many thanks to fashion writer Yana Baharuddin and her crew for the amazing spread: (click on pics to enlarge)

Playing Stylist!

Thanks to Grace, our shopper turned friend who's done heaps to support us since our blogstore's formative months, our attention was brought to this article on Tongue in Chic.

First time contributors to Tongue in Chic, Grace and good friend Ying Nee (also a VBB shopper) played stylist and showed their wonderfully quirky sense of fashion by mixing old and new whilst displaying the many ways bags can accessorize and complement what they wear.

Photo courtesy of Tongue in Chic
VBB belt worn by Grace:
Check out the rest of the style shots here. And make sure you heed these 2 fashionistas' advice by saying no to plastic bags and make a habit of carrying your own re-usable bag everywhere you go :)